insights, encouragement, and expertise garnered from over a decade of leading a customer-centric software development solution for startups and global organizations. Dive into the world of Apps, Bots, and more as Daniel delves into the fundamental choice between organic growth and raising capital. Gain invaluable perspectives on tackling "The Hard Part" on the "Journey of Firsts" in business, as Daniel imparts wisdom on mastering challenges and navigating the intricate path of entrepreneurship.

Discover the power of resilience as V. Venesulia and Daniel explore the mantra, "If It's Difficult, Master It," and the significance of seeking help when needed. As the conversation unfolds, Daniel provides crucial caveats and closing words, offering sage advice on how entrepreneurs can safeguard themselves, their ideas, and their companies while chasing their dreams.

Join V. Venesulia and Daniel Gorlovetsky for this compelling conversation, where philosophy meets practicality, and the journey of entrepreneurship is dissected with candor, passion, and invaluable insights. Tune in to "The Founder's Dilemma" on Down to Business with V. for an information that will empower and inspire your entrepreneurial spirit. Let's get down to business!